We work with you as a team

to digitally transform your company

Technology, Design and Innovation
with a Business focus

PHLOX is your perfect companion for your technological needs. We transform ideas into solutions, unique and isolated operations into seamless integrations. We enable your digital transformation so you can focus on your core business. We provide the tools to better approach your customers and to boost your productivity, such as Big Data, AI, UX Design, IOT, among others.

Areas of Expertise

Software Design

Our Software Development Team allows us to provide innovative custom-built solutions for our clients, integrate existing structures, legacy platforms, among others. We speak all programming languages, such as Agile, HTML5, PHP, SQL, C, Python, among others.

Big Data

We transform data into business knowledge. By collecting, breaking down, and analyzing multiple data sources within your company, we help you unlock the value of your information and discover trends and patterns that will allow you to make better business decisions.


Artificial Intelligence is the tool that powers innovative services and experiences for your customers, going beyond data mining. We combine state-of-the-art technology, machine learning and pattern recognition to deliver AI focused on your Business.